August 2019 Visa Bulletin

All regions still current for DV-2019.

More importantly there are results for DV2020. Only 83884 selectees, which is mind-blowing if you take into account the reported numbers!!!

By region:
AFRICA 31562
ASIA 15941
EUROPE 30794
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These are not case numbers, but rather real number of selectees. Case numbers are gonna be way higher than that. It looks like Cuba makes all the difference in SA (2703 people selected)

See for yourself:
Yes, I did see it. Also, it should mean that there are HIGHER case numbers than the ones we've seen. Because if there are so many selectees, the case numbers are even higher than 4100
AF is clear "loser": almost 6700 people less selected than 2019. SA doubled thanks to Cuba. Remaining regions are roughly the same.
Yeah, noticed that. It's not clear if overall AF is adjusted according to quota or what?
The big drops in some countries do make me wonder if they are disqualifying more upfront... not sure that should affect the overall # though?
Actually it must be quota related, even the smaller countries have dropped a lot. Eg Senegal from 260 to 91, SA from 454 to 162.
Ethiopia also dropped a lot
But Egypt and Algeria went up, Egypt by a lot... 4165 to 5568...