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Anyone with ANY contact with Mohammed Wanli should check out IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

I wish to post a warning to anyone attempting to use a bogus “immigration consultant” under the name of “ATO Immigration Services”, run by M.B. Wanli aka Mohammed B. Wanli. This man is NOT a member or CSIC or an Immigration Lawyer, but acts as if he is a legitimate consultant. He has injured DOZENS of potential immigrants both in Canada and attempting to Immigrate to the US. He claims he can do both, yet he has a Federal Warrant out for his arrest in the US. He has DOZENS of civil claims against him in both the Provincial and Supreme Courts of Vancouver and has pleaded guilty to theft/fraud charges in Vancouver Criminal courts. Yet he still continues to injure people today. He currently advertises in the Georgia Straight. I am one of DOZENS of victims. If anyone has been injured by this man please urge them to contact the proper authorities. He will make it seem as if you cannot, but he is well known to many government entities. Have no fear. Our only recourse is to get the word out.
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ATO Immigration

Stevenson, thank you for posting. I too am aware of a number of victims. I will be getting the word out for my friends so that this victimizer can be brought to justice.
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Yes, this Wanli is a bad man. He took money $3000.00 from a poor lady. She cannot afford to sue him. I tried to help her. More people should call the police on this Wanli.


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BEWARE M.B. Wanli and ATO Immigration

These are GREAT POSTS!! I have two friends who were screwed by this jackass. The list keeps growing. He's says he can get you a U.S. Visa but he can't do anything. It's my understanding he's in big trouble with the law, too. This guy's victims include single women, senior citizens, and innocent people who don't know the law. I've investigated other posts and they all check out. This guy is a scam artist. My friends have tried to get their money back but so far all they've gotten is the run around and more legal fees. Stay away from this jerk. He is BAD NEWS!!! Hopefully the law will catch up with him soon.


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Con Man

I wish this post had happened a year ago. M. B. Wanli is a complete con artist. He screwed over my girlfriend and me. I see now that there a lots of victims. “ATO Immigration Services” was listed first in the phone book so we called him up. Wanli had an answer for everything and conned us into his “free consultation.” He started to trash our old lawyer saying he could do a better job. He said he previously worked for US immigration which is a total lie. He took over $3000.00 of our money and $5000.00 from our friends who saw him too. He DID NOTHING for any of us, now we’re all trying to get our money back. His name is all over the Vancouver small claims court. Clearly he’s screwed over LOTS of people. Check him out like other posts suggest. It’s all true. We need to stop this crook and get our money back!!!!

Please be careful as to what you put inwritng on this and any other forum.

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If you are a victim of any sorts there is a victim support group at where you may send details of complaints via private message to admin who maybe able to assist

Please always check out your lawyer to make sure they are a member of

Immigration specialist's have no business trading in the USA but until there is a governing body to protect the consumer then beware




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Mohammed Wanli Arrested

Mohammed WANLI of ATO Immigration Services was arrested.

On April 23, 2008 members of the Vancouver Police Department Financial Crime Section took WANLI into custody.

9 counts of FRAUD have been laid by Commercial Crime Crown Counsel.

Crown Counsel is requesting that the charged/accused be remanded/held in jail until trial.


Financial Crime Squad
Vancouver Police Department
312 Main Street
Vancouver BC V6A2T2


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An update on Mohammed Bassal Wanli:

a.k.a. Mohammed B. Wanli,
a.k.a. Moe Wanli,
or most recently, Basil,

Around 2017 (to current) he's switched gears and started to engage in civil scams instead criminal ones, typically rental scams. He will list on Craigslist the place he's renting and ask for cash deposit from unsuspecting renters and a few months rent. Then by the time people move in, they'll realize this scammer is actually living in the unit and now have to eat their losses or enter Residential tenancy branch dispute which can take 1/2 a year.

This guy is a career criminal.