At a crossroad with law degree


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I've earned an equivalent of master degree in law in my country. Since I'm now in US I need to figure what to do with my life, I mean where to work. I can't practice law here without an additional education, which I don't consider because I think it's a bit late (I'm little over 30 and a law school requires 3 years. In addition, I feel like I went through this stage of being student), another reason is the tuition price (law school is expensive). Ultimately, the language barrier (even with decent language skills I'm not fluent in English and with exhausting volume of reading along high-level vocabulary in law school..., it would be catastrophic) anyway, my question is: can I, with foreign master in law, be hired as a paralegal? should I put up with the law field at all and find something not related? what guys did you do when you arrive here? I'll appreciate any suggestion and ideas. I feel like I'm at a crossroad and really confused...


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Interesting question. I'm in the same boat but still in the UK and a few years older than you. I've totally ruled out law school and the bar.
What state are you?


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Hope someone has an answer for that. My relative has the same situation. Would love to know how we can work it out