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asylum status adjust after 3 months ,transferred NBC

Discussion in 'I-485 transfers to local offices' started by chineseasylee, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. chineseasylee

    chineseasylee New Member

    i am asylum status 1 year after adjust status, today received letter tell me: case was transferred USCIS-BNC
    i felt that is bad new for me,
    before i granted Asylum Status ,i has a misdemeanor conviction ,but i finished my probation ,
    USCIS officer said:eek:nly one misdemeanor conviction not influence my immigration ,
    usually what next processing? waiting 2 years? or schedule me go to local USCIS interview ?

    often this type GC 5~6 months will send home.
    who have similar experience ? share to me .
    appreciate it ,

    received my i 485 Jun 27 2016
    transferred to NBC sep 29 2016

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