Assistance with Expediting EAD

Hello everyone,

I'm in a bit of a unique position and would appreciate any feedback that anyone has to give to help me in this matter. My wife and sent in our I-485 and I-130 in April as well as the I-765 on 6/1. As of 6/13 I am awaiting my I-485 to be scheduled for the interview date, which I was very happy to get considering the time frame thus far.

Here's where our issue arises. I am already working on the E3 visa and my current employer put in an extension for it since it expired on the 5/25. Unfortunately my companies HR department for whatever reason didn't file at the time they said they did and by the time my wife and I had sent in the I-485 and I-130, I still hadn't received the extension. I was unaware this would cause problems but here I am. So my employer tells me that USCIS has requested evidence from them regarding my E3 extension but since I have a green card pending, it's likely to be denied. Therefore, I'm told that my employer is going to wait to the last moment possible before sending in the evidence requested (I have no clue what it is) which is 8/4.

As of writing, because I still haven't received my EAD, my employer and I are now worried that I won't be able to receive the EAD until after the E3 extension is denied which they will have to let me go from. I obviously want to try and avoid this, so I want to expedite my EAD since it truly does apply to the 'Severe financial loss to company or person' criteria on USCIS's expedition reasoning (I'm going to be out of a job and suffer quite massive financial loss If I cant get my EAD soon)

So today I'm going to request USCIS to expedite my I-765 application, can anyone give me some advice on how I would articulate the reasoning as to why they should expedite it given my current circumstance? I'm not that fluent in 'legalese' haha. Also, any other suggestions or advice as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated, we might be contacting our congressmen as well if it will help, so advice on that as well would be very much appreciated.