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arrested as pc243(e)(1) in 2013 can this prevent me getting a green card through marriage?

Discussion in 'Exclusion or Removal from USA' started by wonkyu, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. wonkyu

    wonkyu New Member

    i am f-1 student and recently got married with a citizen

    i went to see a lawyer to discuss about green card application

    lawyer said that, due to my domestic violence record, i can be detained and get deported at the visa interview

    i was charged with pc243(e)(1), 1 month sentence and $800 fine, no restraining order

    i expunged my case in 2017, although i heard it doesn't affect anything in terms of green card application.

    my current wife was the victim

    there is really no way at all for me to apply green card?

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