Are most of the new H1s getting rejected??


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Should not take so long

This is a long delay and if you have applied thru lawyer ask what is the status of application. The sponsoring employer too could have some information if INS contacted them. Even if there is some additional info needed or there is a denial there has to be some communication.

Last but not least missing documents in mail, 4 months back anthrax was in the news a lot and postal services were disrupted a lot.

Jim Mills

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Sometimes, for some reason, cases take much longer than normal

I inherited one case that was a straight H-1 extension. No problems at all, the employee had been paid for the whole 3 year period and there should have been no issue. It took 10 months to get the case approved.

All that can be done is to call the service center and speak with an IIO regarding status. I\'ve also seen INS transfer a case to storage for no apparent reason and if I had not called it probably would still be there.


James D. Mills
Attorney at Law


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I got my H-1 today

I was on OPT and I applied for H-1 in January. My date of receipt was Jan 23rd 2002. In second week of March, my employer received letter from INS stating that INS do not have labor certification approval and requested a copy of it. Actually it was misplaced by INS. While my employer resent it, INS found copy and VISA was ready on 26th March. But on 26th March they received Labor Cert. approval copy that my employer resent.
So INS reopened the case saying it will take another 30 to 60 days. And finally on 2nd May I received my H-1.

Inquire with your employer if they received any such notice for missing docs.

Hope this might help.


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I don\'t know what u mean by catagory

I applies for H-1B, I am an architect and finished my masters recently and working in an architectural firm. My VISA type is H1B1.


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Jim ! Question With Regards to H-1B Case in Storage

Jim , I am in a similar situation the INS has sent the case to Storage and the Attorney spoke to the officer and the officer said she will get the file from a different location and will get back in 1-2 weeks and took the contact information of the Attorney but never called back and has been 4 weeks . The Attorney called INS NSC and spoke to a IIO and the IIO says that since you have already spoke to a officer a few weeks back you should wait till he receives the file.

Jim can you tell me how much time did it take for the INS to get the H-1 B file from storage and would it wise to call INS every week and check on the status.


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Jim Can i contact the IIO myself

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the help that you provide online. My H1B was filed in CA in Feb the application recipt shows recipt date of 02/07. I haven\'t got my H1 yet. No communication at all from INS. Can i give the INS IIO a call myself or does the attorney only can do that. My company attorney is totally irresponsible and there is absolutely no communication between him and me. Can my employers file for premium processing now for the application ?? Also if I have an RFE would it be in the automated message. All that the message says " it is taking between 30-60 days ... "