Appyling for N400 - residency question


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Our situation is complicated and would need some advices from you.
We moved out of the country due to covid 3 month ago and are able to apply for N400 3 month early at the end of May. Since we are out of the country, we will be doing some short trips to avoid going over the 6 month limit. We are NY resident and own property there.

Here are my questions:
-We would like to file in NC as the processing time is 4 times faster as NY currently. We have family there and wanted to list there address as our residence since we may be living with them for 3 month due to the 3 month residency requirement. Is this possible knowing that we have an apartment in NY?
-What kind of documents do they ask for the 3 month residency?
-If we decide to stay outside of the US, can we apply for N400 and come back for fingerprinting and oath while listing our family's address as our residence?

Note that my company can issue a letter mentioning that we are out of the country for business expansion purpose.

Thanks a lot!