Appy for O-1, from F1 OPT


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I am currently employed by a State University here in Pennsilvania. I teach classical guitar and guitar ensemble and I am under my- OPT status. I have been working for this university since the beginning of my OPT (2 semester). Now my OPT is expiring, on may 31h. The college wants to keep me here for the following years but it seems they are not a lot into visas processes.

I am helping them to understand with visa in better for me, and them.. Excluding the J-1 visa (which I do not want, since it is my intent to stay in the states) which visa would you suggest, the O1 or the H1B?

.I am an international professional performer (classical music) and educator and I am quite sure I qualify for the O-1 .I have known so many people with a resume way far SMALLER than mine that have been granted the o-1. Furthermore I work for a State University, which I think represents a very strong sponsor. On the other hand I want to plan ahead and try to figure out which visa would be:
- easier for the university to apply for
- better for me and my wife. If i get the 0-1 she can get the 03 and she cannot work. but, If I get the h1B, can she apply for a employment authorization? It seems she doesn't, but when I was in New York I have meet several people that, being dependent with a H4 visa, have applied and obtained a working authorization. how that actually work?
- faster to get.!
- it is easier to obtain without going back to Italy, but simply converting my F1-Opt STAYING in the states.

Thanks for your help,