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We received our green cards over the weekend. All I can tell is this has been a very very long journey; but thanks God.

I want thank Mr. Rajiv for this resourceful forum site he has for us! Also want to thank each and everyone who helped me with the information related to this process. Wish everyone all the best!


PD - 06/05
I-140 - AD 08/06
I-485 - RD 07/06 ND 09/10
I-485 SP - RD 07/06 ND 09/10 LUD - 10/26, 10/29
I-131 - RD 07/06 ND 09/10. LUD - 9/26, 10/01, 10/02, AD - 10/03, Card Res - 10/06.
I-765 - RD 07/06 ND 09/10. AD 09/26 Card Rec- 10/03
NameCheck Cleared: September 17th, 2007.
Finger Print (Code-3) - 8/5/2008
RFE - Immunization Record 05/19/09 replied 05/29/09
I-485 - Approved (3/7/11)
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as i hav emy approval since feb 9 2011 and havent recieved any update ?? also i called to find out for the immi officer he just collected the info and told me that no action was taken its been almost 45 days i,m concerned i have a valid ead but should i get an ifo pass appt and get my passport stamped ??