Approved change of status to E2 and spouse work permit extension


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Hi Guys

I just got approval for change of status from J1 to E2, my wife already had a work authorization card, any ideas how she goes about extending it (it ran out 7th Feb).

Also does anyone know where I can find the law (in plain English) on the travel restrictions for E2 change of status's??? I know we cannot leave the US now without going to the US Embassy in London - I have heard you can go to Canada, Caribbean or Mexico for 30 days?? Also, if you left the US to go home in an emergency what would happen if you presented yourself back at immigration on the way in -I would have an I94 still with years left on it in my passport???



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Hi boatwright:

Congratulations on your approval. I am a spouse of a E-2 Visa holder. My EAD expired too, I called my attorney and the filed it for me. Other people here have done it themselves. I rely on my attorney because I want to make sure the filing is always right. You may want to consider that but the information is on the web site.

On the other hand I feel your pain. Our extensions on the E-2 have been approved for the last 4 years, however we have not been able to go to Germany to get the Visa stamped on our passports. This has kept us in the US since 2002. We have had family emerencies too and have not been able to be with them. I have never heard of that 30 day rule and if I were you I would be careful about leaving the country. From what I was told, If you leave the US to go home in an emergency, you will have to have the E-2 Visa stamped on your passport so that you can re-enter. Your status here with a valid I-94 only allows you to legally stay in the US and it has nothing to do with the actual Visa, that is what our attorney has explained to us. These are 2 separate processes. If you are thinking about going home, you may want to contact the attorney here in the US so that they can help you with the Visa process, this way you can come back with your Visa and then you can travel at anytime.

Hope this helps!


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E2 Spouse EAD

Hi there -it's nice to meet someone in the same position. Yes we too are land locked - the whole thing seems crazy - where are you from and where are you living now??? I am from the UK and we are now in Boston.