Applying PR for spouse question


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Applying PR for spouse question
I am planning on getting married in July 2011 i am on a TN my future spouse on H1B. We have to go to Pakistan to get married and before leaving she needs to apply for a H1B stamp from Canada, in order to do that she first needs a Canadian Visa go to Canada and apply for US stamp.

My question is what if we did a paper marriage and immediately after i apply for her PR card
1) How much time will it take for her to receive her PR Card
2) If i applied for her PR card and its in process during her future canadian visit visa interview would this go negative in her case? I know that a buddy of mine got married to a Pakistani Citizen and when she went to get a visit visa to the US they told her she cannot since the husband has already applied a Green card for her.

I am just trying to figure out whats cheaper and saves me TIME.


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Adding my Spouse on my on-going PR application in Canada

Hi guys,

Can anyone help me. What do I need to do if I want to add my Husband on my PR application. What form should I fill-up. I'm aware that I need to add him up on my PR application before I get PR approved. Thanks.