Applying for L-1A being a remote employee for a US company in India


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Hi there,

I am looking to relocate to the US from India with an L-1A visa being a Manager in my current company. Though I have been working for more than 2 years in India, the agreement reads I am an individual consultant and the company doesn't have any offices in India. But I am working full-time and paying my taxes in India - Would this be sufficient to clear L-1A Application?

Documents that I have related to the proof of employment - Abroad (India):
1. Offer letter from the company that I am a remote employee - full time
2. Pay Checks transferred via Wise every month
3. Income Tax paid to the Government of India

I am curious since the condition for L-1A says "the employee must have worked for an overseas subsidiary, parent, affiliate or branch office of the US company" where we don't have one and wanted to check if the above documents would suffice the L-1A requirements for USCIS?

Appreciate your help here.


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USCIS will first look at the company's documents, and then yours to see if you qualify for L1A. You can check with HR or the legal team in US or India.