Applying for H4 EAD for wife after changing employer


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I am currently working with employer A on H1B visa with I140 approved for over 180 days. My wife is on F1 EAD. I am planning to move her visa status from F1 to H4 for H4 EAD AFTER I join Employer B next month based on my approved I140 from my employer A.
My question is:
1. once I join employer B, will I be able to apply for my wife's H4 EAD based on approved I140 which I have from employer A?
2. In other words, will changing my employer impact my wife's eligibility to get H4 EAD based on my approved I140 from previous employer?
3. Are there any other terms and conditions to be aware of with respect to changing visa status (F1 to H4 EAD) for wife while changing employers?



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If 180 days has passed since employer A's I-140 is approved I believe you are OK even if you go employer to employer B to extend H-1B using A's approved I-140. First file for H-1B change of employer along with wife's I-539 from F to H4. After its approval then file H-4 EAD.