Applying for Canadian PR in 2014

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by roopraka, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. roopraka

    roopraka New Member


    Has any1 applied for a Canadian PR recently from India?
    I want to know what documents are needed to apply?
    Is it easy to apply it ourselves without agents' help?
    Is IELTS a mandatory exam?

    I have experience of 9 yrs in IT sector and am Single.Have a sibling in Canada.
  2. AfraTamam

    AfraTamam Registered Users (C)

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) would like your feedback on immigration to Canada. Specifically, we want feedback on setting immigration levels. This means the number of new permanent residents that Canada should plan to admit for 2014.
  3. john mathew

    john mathew New Member

    yes dear for Canadian Citizenship IELTS a mandatory, Your Work experience minimum 4 year , also they have point calculator system that you must be qualify
  4. gaurav kumar

    gaurav kumar New Member

    Hi roopraka,

    I was also in need of Canada PR Visa.
    One of my friend has suggested me to ask guidance of Y-Axis Overseas Careers for process of Canada immigration.
    I have approached them and my job was done.
    I am very much satisfied with the services and support provided by Y-Axis team at different stages of my visa process. I got a awesome drafted professional profile and now hoping to be placed soon in some good company in Canada through their well planned and professional job search service.
    I recommend y-axis service to all the professionals who are willing to switch overseas with great career opportunities.
    Contact Y-Axis as soon as you can and migrate.

    gaurav kumar

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