applying for a waiver outside the US


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Hi everyone,

I came to the states in Jan 1989, went to collage there I have BS in computers. Unfortunately I was arrested in 3-16-1997 by the INS because I was out of status, I was given a voluntarily departure, I couldn’t leave the states because I never had a valid passport or any travel documents. So I decided to stay in the states till I figure something out, but things had gotten worse and I couldn’t hide any longer, so I decided to leave the state and fly out in January of 2003 to the United Arab Emirates.

Let me just but it this way....

Once you live in the states you can’t live anywhere else in the world...

I called my college sweetheart an american citizen and I asked her to come here to the emirates so we can get married and file here or she can file there in the states. We did get married on the 15th of December of 2004 she flew back and our lawyer filed the I130 form...

My questions are:

1-would the i130 be approved soon?
2-does the 10 years bar apply to my case (I was arrested before this new law was applied)
3-what kind of waiver do I need to file, do I have to file it here in the emirates or in the states and how long it will take to be approved

4- what are my chances to be approved and go back to the states ?


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Up this, this is an important thread. I'm not sure if the 10 year ban will apply to your case because, however it might because you left the U.S AFTER it was implemented. So they might count it against you heavily that you stayed in the States a while after you were arrested and given voluntary departure.

As far as your i-130 goes, I'm not sure how that will work for you. I think you should talk to a lawyer about these issues--seeing as they are very important question. I wish the best of luck to you.