Application for OPT while F-1 reinstatement is pending

Asking for a friend: My friend’s reinstatement case is with USCIS and he applied for the post-completion OPT (I-765) according to a conversation with USCIS officer along with pending reinstatement application decision (I-539). He has sent all documents to USCIs required for OPT application except for OPT I-20 as 60 days grace period was approaching fast. He has the following question: 1. Can he/school provide OPT I-20 to USCIS if he gets reinstated after 60days grace period? (The period after graduation where you can apply for OPT) According to what we have heard is school DSO can't issue any I-20 after completion of 60 days grace period, as SEVIS record status will be completed in that situation. We are seeking help especially from school DSO, attorney or anyone who has experienced this before. Please help with your suggestions as this is a very complicated and extremely emergency situation.