Applicants Who Filed/or About To File Form I-129f For A K-3 Visa, Please Share Your Story Here


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I was explaining why the person I quoted had to wait to bring his/her fiance over.....not about having to apply for a marriage license.

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I know. My post was also meant for the person you were quoting. The point I was drilling for was this, even for us US citizens, waiting is a good trait to have :)

I was explaining why the person I quoted had to wait to bring his/her fiance over.....not about having to apply for a marriage license.


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I've been waiting for almost a year now with no word on my approval status. I'm a Canadian citizen and my wife is American. I'm the one supporting her as she has no income. We married in Canada and are coming up on our 2 year anniversary.
I'm sick of not hearing anything. My lawyer constantly tells me that theres no word on my case and I'm starting to believe that something is wrong. My wife is frustrated and I'm getting desperate for forward movement.


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Im a US citizen and my fiancee and I have not been waiting that long. We met last year. He lives in Ghana. I spent 2 weeks with him and his family. We recently filed for our K-1 visa ( Feb.10,2010 ) We did recieve our first NOA but very anxious to see each other. It will be a year come April 8th since we last saw each other. They say its 5 months but i feel that it may take longer. We had made a decision that if it takes longer then its posted that I wil lmove and live in Ghana. Now the waiting game begins. I pray that we all get to be with our loved ones soon. The only thing that does worry us is that they may judge us because of our age difference (20 years). Can anyone tell me if they ever heard of someone being denied because of age?
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hi everyone when i was a PR i filed a i 130, petition for alien resident for spouse 2 years ago. recently i got my citizen after that i upgraded my i 130 by sending a copy of naturalisation and number receipt to service center then i didn't hear nothing from them. my case doesn't approved* yet is that mean somthing wrong? If not how long does my case
take to get approved?
and how long does my i 130 upgrade process time takes ?


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I-129F - K1 visa experience and questions

Hi all

I am a USA citizen, filed K1 visa my fiancee who is an indian citizen. Both of us are divorced with kid(s)

July 17th, 2009 - Filed for I129F
July 30th , 2009 - Receipt notice date
February 7th 2010 - Got email notification of I-129F approval.

1. How long it takes from the time of approval of I-129F to getting a response from US consulate.
2. Do I get notified when the visa number is allocated and documents sent to USA consulate
3. While waiting, do my fiancee needs to get police clearance certificate and Immunization recordsfor her self and her kid ?

Thanks in advance and kudos to everyone who share their experience and valuable advice.


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I-129F and I-130 (urgent!!)

Hi, My boyfriend and I wants to get engaged to be married. He is american citizen, so my understanding is that he needs to file I-129F for me, so that's what we are looking into doing.

I'm currently on tourist visa but is going to expire in a week (i'm in the states visiting him right now), I'm confused as the I-130 thing. Do I just wait here in the country as my boyfriend file the I-129f and wait to hear back from immigration? Or should I do something about the I-130? isn't it redundant?

I checked the instruction of I-129f, but it wasn't very clear on if the fiancee is already in the States...