Anyone stuck in I140 background approved..lets track it..


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My I140 was filed on Aug' 2006. got an RFE on Jan & replied by Feb 2007.
No LUD & status change.

I called the customer service center, put a request..LUd on 6/19. toay received a letter saying the case is under background investigation.....

what does this mean ? When they will take a decision ? what do you think ?
Why there is a check in should be in I485 , right ? Do ou think i will get a decision sooner ?

ow can i check thru congressman Or senator...whats the process to contact them ?..pls help....


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Mine is stuck since Feb 2007. I tried all means of getting traction on my application. no luck. Placing SR after SR. I am doing everything by myself..employer and atty suggest to wait. Its more than 2.5 years and still stuck. damn it..:mad::confused: