Anyone requested Power of Attorney from embassy of Pakistan in USA?


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Say a Pakistani citizen needs to sell real estate in Pakistan and wants to give power of attorney to his family member.

Does he need to get a stamp paper/"power of attorney" verbiage on stamp paer from Pakistan and then get it notarized by Pakistani embassy or consulate in US?

How can this be done? Please share if you had to do this. Much appreciated!


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It is very simple. You need to type up the Power of Attorney and take it to the nearest Pakistani Embassy or Consulate close to you. You will need to show them your Pakistani passport and/or CNIC/NICOP along with photocopies and pay the relevant fee. They will notarize it and hand the document back to you. Take an extra copy or two of the power of attorney as the embassy/consulate may need to keep one for their own records. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you take some kind of money order or bank check with you otherwise they will not touch your documents. You can check this link from the Consulate General in NY:

Depending on where your family lives in Pakistan and how that attorney will be used, your family member(s) in Pakistan may need to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or Foreign Office as they call it there) to get that power of attorney verified otherwise the local authorities may not recognize it as an official document but ask your family members to look into that as I don't know the exact rules there.

Good luck, SA.


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Hey StonedAnt,
Thanks for your reply.
So I can type up the letter, take a bunch of printouts and appear at the consulate in person. I wasn't sure if the consulate mails the signed and notarized copy to Pak. address. From your response, looks like they don't. So essentially get it notarized and mail it myself to Pak.

That's a good idea to get it verified at the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs (one in Lahore, close to China Chowk). I't not sure if the verification is true verification as in will the ministry of foreign affairs contact the consulate in question in USA and then make sure they it's the same copy that they have.

There's a tiny consulate office in Boston too, not sure if they do this kind of attestation of power of attorney.

As far as the text of the power of attorney is concerned, is google my friend or you have some kind of generic text that I could adapt for my needs?

Thank you again for coming in here and responding to my question.


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I don't believe the Consulate mails out the attorneys but you can ask them when you get there. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacts the Consulate/Embassy that notarized the attorney and confirms that it is genuine/valid. As far as the verbiage of the attorney is concerned, most people get it from their relatives in Pakistan. Your relatives can talk to someone local who's knowledgeable in these affairs and provide the text which is probably dependent on what you are trying to do, this also eliminates any points that may be lost in translation as it will be written in the local style. Lot of people outside court houses in Pakistan provide this kind of service for a reasonable fee.

Regards, SA.


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Got it. I'm personally not too keen on embassy/consulate mailing it out. I'm perfectly fine with them handing me the attested paper so I can mail it myself. I thought may be it's required that the attested power of attorney has to mailed out to the eventul recipient in Pak come from embassy.

Thanks for your feedback.