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My wife and I are selling our beloved café in Carthay Circle/adjacent to Beverly Hills (Los Angeles, CA). Perhaps you or someone you know are looking for a business to purchase for their visa? We were approved for our E-2 visa with this business in 2018 and we have since hired more people (so easier approval)! We would be willing to include our business plan with the purchase so the new owners can take advantage of the planning and projections we did (a lot less work for you!).

The business is for sale for $149,000 + food inventory at purchase. We renovated the business in 2018 and have modernized the business. There is also added potential for income by doing catering on the weekend or extending the opening hours. The previous owner were open for 1 additional hour in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon and made $3,000 more a month. We decided not to since we live 2 hrs away (why we are selling).

Here are some quick facts:
Selling for:
$149,000 + food inventory
Size: 2,400 sqft
Number of employees: 1 full-time and 2 part-time
Cashflow: $73,189.61*
FF&E value: $36,205.95 (we just bought a new fryer!)
Opening Hours: 8am - 3.30pm on Weekdays (Mon-Fri)
Other income: $500-$900/month** NOT INCLUDED IN CASHFLOW!

Financial overview can be delivered upon signing an NDA with our broker, Jack Oh.

If you know anyone you think this could work for, please send them our way, we would be happy to be able to help another applicant with a successful E-2 application.
Email us at:

Joshua Mentrup

* This is with a working owner and no employees or a working husband and wife team. With one employee and 2 owners the cashflow is $53,889.61
** We do rentals on the weekend and kitchen rentals after hours + we have an ATM that makes money