Anyone here applied and was approved for Global Entry?


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Just looking to get some feedback... I have a GC, applied, was conditionally approved and have an interview on the 20th of August. I am being asked to produce my birth certificate, of which sadly I only have a copy, then a few other things which I do have. I don't expect it to be a big deal, like I said, looking for some feedback from any of you who have actually done it.
For you who haven't, it's a "skip the immigration" program, present at many airports. They give you a card which you use to scan at the computer upon entry then it lets you go without having to see an immigration officer. Available to GC holders and citizens.


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I had nexus earlier ( US/Canada border crossing permit) when I had Canadian PR. Now I got my GC on 8/10.
I have also modified my profile on GOES site and re-entered the application. will submit it once I do that for all of my family members.
I expect no issues since I/we had NEXUS approved earlier. I/we might re-apply for NEXUS as well.

Good luck to you. Hope you got it cleared/approved.


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I had forgotten about this thread...
Well my GE was approved, I have the card but I continue to have the issue with fingerprints. I went 3 times to the office in SFO, all 3 times fingerprints didn't go through. Somehow, they're unreadable by the machine. We tried this and that... no go at all! Apparently this is an issue affecting a very small percentage of the GE approved people and I am one of them. What that means though, is that I have to go to the machine, get the X and go see an immigration officer and explain what's happening. They still check me, since I'm there but I get to skip the line regardless. Oh, and I skip customs line too. So minus the small inconvenience, it works.