Anybody knows more about LC Substitution...pls respond


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I know this probably not the right place but maybe somebody who
has been through a Labor Substitution process could explain how it works and what are the pitfalls.

Appreciate your time.



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I have been thru this process, Its simple, you should meet all the cretira in the LC which you will be using, like Qualifications should be equal or may be more as mentioned in the LC which was approved for person X, you skill set should match with that, you current salary.

Lawyer will Apply for substitution on your behalf while filing I-140 and then I-140 will be approved in your name.

Hope this helps.


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Well if there's an approved Labor Certification w/ your employer which matches yours[Job Details, Salary etc] then you can go ahead with that substitute labor to file ur I140/485..!
Lawyer might know more info on 'substitution labor' process..
People out here have got approved thru this process..!
Good Luck


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Thanks Guys...

One more question.. how exactly is the "Substitution" done at the I140 stage? Is there a special form or something that iforms INS that we are filing for a substitution. Or will INS figure out its a LC substitution on its own and then act accordingly.



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There is no special form...

There is a letter from the employer and or the attorney describing the situration


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My lawyer gave me option to LC subsituation or EB2 from LC .This was happend after i submitted my i-760A form LC filing.

So I opt for LC subsituation. Then I am thru from i-140 in 2 months and filed my GC. So you need not worry for anything Lawyer will take care everything

Good luck