Anybody know any information about..September 2003..fillers


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I am June 2003 filer.

How do you find out if your name is being checked or cleared ?

140/485 concurrent filed on 5/29/03
Labor resubstitute
140 approved - Feb'04
PD on 140 is Feb'99 .
485 RFE (missing medicals) replied on 12/7/04.

LUD changed once in Mar'05 but no message/status change.

Called 800# on May 4th. No LUD change or mail from USCIS.


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Response from VSC

On opening up 2nd inquiry through my lawyers, following is the response they got and forwarded it to me. No LUD/message changes online.
The processing of your petition/application has been delayed. All
petition/applications received by this Service are required to have routine
security checks that are resulting in delays. As a result of the lack of
manpower to complete the checks in a timely manner, we have no control over
how long these checks will take. We can give no definite indication of
when they will be completed. We apologize for the delay.

Any suggestions folks ? What should I do next, apart from waiting endlessely..