Anybody got this kind of feedback for inquiry?


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Today, I got a mail which replied to my Fax inquiry as below:

"The above case has been selected for detailed review. This process will take longer than normal for processing. Should the Service Center discover information requiring further review and verification, the petitioner or applicant will be contacted. Your address is current".

What a shock it is to me! I ever expected my case would be approved soon. My I485 RD is Dec. 2002 and I did my second FP on August 5, 2004. Some friends whose RD are around me have got approved one or two months ago. I really couldn't figure out what kind of details are so interesting to them. :confused: :mad: Anybody here ever got this message for inquiry? Is this just a regular reply as the excuse for their delay or I really got the "pick" for their "lottery". :eek: Please give some help here and great thanks in advance.


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ME too.

I received similar email reply.

"This case is undergoing detailed review. Please allow sufficient time for

But i didn't know the detailed review really mean "will be longer than normal" as your message suggested.. now i am more disappointed. :( :confused: :mad:

I guess we are similar to those being transferred to local office..just got to wait and wait..
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honglotr, could u pls tell me some details about ur case, such as RD?

Hi, honglotr,
May I know your RD and other details, I really want to keep a track of all the similar cases to help make some statistics. I ever heard that some guys went through the "name check" for nearly one and a half years. How terrible it is! :eek: Anyway, besides waiting, what we can do is just waiting and waiting more patiently with a peace in our heart. May God bless us.

My details:
RD: Dec. 30, 2002
ND: Dec. 31, 2002
Wac #: wac-03-071-xxxxx
First FP: Feb 14, 2003
Second FP: August 5, 2004
Fax Inquiry: Oct 4
Tel Inquiry: Oct 6.
Inquiry Reply: Under detailed review.


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Dear peaceinheart,

It looks like we are the proud parents of twin cases. Here's my info:

I-140/I-485 concurrent filing (EB2): ND 12/31/2002 (WAC-03-071-...)
1st FP: 02/2003
I-140 AP: 05/2003
RFE responded 06/2004
2nd FP: 07/2004
1st case status inquiry: 10/2004, no response
2nd case status inquiry: 11/2004, responded, still waiting for the notice

I wonder what these detailed reviews are all about. :confused:

It' so frustrating to now see people getting their applications processed within six months while there are still so many people with applications pending for two years or more because of some "detailed reviewing". :mad:

Talk about fair treatment !



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well, that really reminds me the Best Buy analogy

Hi lalala,
Did u still remember one guy who ever gave a posting here, saying that the processing now in CSC is more like the Thanksgiving BestBuy purchasing. We got up earlier at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. (I might got up earlier than u, i filed my I-140 in 2001 :eek: ) and when the line got longer and longer, and the people in line started to complain the long waiting. So, the manager of Best Buy decided to cut the line into four and he randomly picked some people from each line... Finally, some people were very lucky because they might get picked even though they got up around 8:00 a.m. Some people might get screwed up, like us, because of the bad luck. See, that's the theory of USCIS and they are claiming their fast processing speed.
Today, I called CSC and got a reply saying we are under name check. I'll call FBI inquring about the processing and later on will fax the senator asking for another inquiry. Again, be patient but we also need to act. Good luck to us.


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same kind of response my lawyer got a month ago. Still waiting. BTW I called the CSC emergency line two days ago and was able to speak with somebody. I was told they are still waiting for name check.

At this point whatever they say...


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I got a letter that my case was selected for detailed review. I'm pretty sure it is usual lie. Some time ago I was told that my case was waiting for fbi namecheck.


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I got exactly the same reply yesterday as a response to my fax inquiry. Actually I got an earlier response submitted by the senator office saying my case was under security check. I'm very confused. I called CSC emergency number and was told my aplication was fine, I can call back in 6 weeks if I don't hear anythig. Strangely enough, in their earlier response, I was asked not to sumbit inquiry in 6 months. Who knows which one is telling the truth?


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Similar situation here

WAC 03-087. 2FP in Aug 2004. Send inquiries twice (end of Sept and end of Oct). Was told that my case is going through a detailed review (1st response). Then I was told it is under secruity check! :(


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Same boat!

I am in the same boat as your guys. My 484 is Decmber 2002 and 2nd finger print is August 6, 2004. Then, nothing!!!


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Action on all these pending cases


We really need to do something about al these 2002 cases rotting in the pile.

I sent a letter to the Senator requesting some help yesterday. Probably many of you have already done that, not sure what effects such things have.


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Reply to PeaceinHeart

Hi Peaceinheart

I stopped checking the forum for a while, as i was too upset with my status.

Here is my case

Case # WAC-03-185-XXX
ND: June 6, 2003
the only finger print: Sept 14.2004
FP results received: Sept 24, 2004

My spouse filed a follow-to-join in March 2004.
He got the FP result sent back at April 20, 2004.

Now both of our cases are in stagnant stage.

My case never got updated since the last response to my lawyer inquiry about: "Detailed review"


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what could be the reason they are sending "detailed review"? is it due to fax enquiry? or Just to avoid further enquires?

RFE reply got it on Nov 9, 2004


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I have got the same message

for my case, it just means USCIS is waiting for security check (FBI name check). I got this confirmation after I called them.

Here is detail:

I-140/485 ND: 8/20/2003
I-140 AD: 9/20/2004
I-485: detailed review (pending on name check in FBI since September 2003).


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Stuck in Name Check

WAC030--------, 485 nd: Dec 2002, FP2: Aug 2004, LUD: 11/10/2004
Current msg: "On xxxxx we responded to your request for more information......"

I called the CSC emergency number today. The officer was very helpful, she first checked and said my FP's are good and done. Then she checked and said Name Check from FBI is not yet done and they are waiting for this.

I emailed and faxed the name check status lines today.

What exactly is a name check anyway? Is it so surprising to them that every applicant has a name?


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Some light at the end of the Tunnel

Dear all,

I was having similar "Detailed review" status before, as you can see from my complaint above.. I finally got approved. it is email approval.

Case # WAC-03-18X-XXX
ND: June 6, 2003
the only finger print: Sept 14.2004
FP results received: Sept 24, 2004

My spouse filed a follow-to-join in March 2004.
He got the FP result sent back at April 20, 2004.

Both of us got approved on Dec 7.

Hope that good news will come to you all soon.


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honglotr -

you are the first person i see approved after 'detailed review'
could you please post more info about your case, when did you learn that case is under 'detailed review', how long case was under that review, did you have any LUD diring that time or after?


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My wife also got a "detailed review" message in the mail today.

How many people have got approved after a detailed review message and after how long?