Any I140 or I485 status updates (Texas Service Centre)?


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Hey every one,

I had my I140 and 485 files around June of 2008 at Texas service Centre. I have been checking the status with USCIS. I140 status was updated on Dec 30th of 08 and the status showed cases files in March 2008 are being processed. Has any one received their I140 approval yet for the cases files in June 08 time frame?

Also, the 485 timelines are moving extremely slow. The dates I see for processing right now go way back to July 07. Does any one have any other information about the timelines for 485s, how much time it usually takes for a 485 to be processed?

Please let me know.
Thanks and Good luck to all.


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My employer had filed for my I-140 and 485 concurrently in Nov 08 in EB1-OR category at Texas service center. I received approval notice today in the mail. HTH.


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I too have the same problem.

My i140 under EB2 was applied in november 08 in TSC and the case status on the website has not been updated since december 08......but processing time for i140 in TSC shows just 4 months but my case has past 6 months.

I dont see any updates on the website and my employer never tells me the case update even if he knows there any way i can find the case status myself...please help!!!!

Appreciate your help!!!