Any difference between country of origin in direct relative I-485 processing?


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I got my US citizenship and sponsoring my parents' I-485 as direct relatives. Just wondering if there's difference in USCIS processing based on what country applicants are citizens. I'm guessing there should not be for direct relatives, but would like to ask if anyone knows more about it.

Thanks a lot


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Please I need your opinion. I applied for my parents I-130/I-485 on 01/28/08.
On 04/02/08 (Thanks God) both of my parents I-130 got approved and my Dad I-485 too. For my Mom RFE was send. It says that twice my mother fingerprints have been rejecting from FBI so they want a report from local police.
I did send that on 04/05/08 and they received it on 04/07/08 10.59 a.m. So far no update. PLEASE pray for me, I am getting scared. Are they going to approve or not? My Dad Green Card had his fingerprint what is going to happen with my mother? Please HELP