Any 2002 485 filers still waiting for Name Check?


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I filed my I485 in feb 2002, still waiting for name check. Emailed in Nov. 2004, no response whatsoever. Anyone who filed in 2002 are on the same boat. Any ideas what I should do?




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i'm in the same boat too

I just heard from a friend who got the final approval a couple of days ago. My friend also filed his case in 2002 and went through name check. I just hope my long jouney would be ended in the near future. I filed my case in Dec. 2002 and still waiting for the name check results. No response from FBI to my email, mail, phone, fax, senator's mail inquiry. I totally got lost and don't have any clue for the next step.

My detail:
RD: Dec. 2002
waiting for name check results


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me too

My I485 of WAC02-268-xxxx was received in August 2002. I was told by CIS for several times, under security checks, additional security checks ....

It is very strange that many applicants in 2003 or in 2004 got approved recently, but, many of 2002 applicants are still under painful security checks. It is so unfair. What's wrong with these upset-down processes?


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name check

I am WAC 02-276 and my name check was finished at the end of 2/2005, then I-485 was approved within a month of it.

So I guess the end of the saga is near for you guys. As many posts have indicated, FBI, like USCIS, may not follow the sequence strictly.

Some people's name check might take one or two days if there are no "hits", and others might take years waiting for an FBI officer to check it manually due to "hits" which could be because you once lived in an apartment once rented by a guy on FBI watch list, or some other fancy reasons.



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i'm stuck here as well...

called cis the other day..
i was told that i'm still pending name-check..
they wudnt tell me since when though..
emailed nncp in jan'05, no reply....
when will this end ?!?!?!
485 nd-12/02


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Folks, I understand it is very frustrating waiting while application is pending
for a long period. I've been on this greencard voyage which has no end is

But may I ask each one of you, what additional steps have you taken to
expedite your namecheck. Commonly people followup with FBI or Senators.
Have you done that and exhausted the options ? I am asking this because
I myself maybe victim of namecheck delay. I believe rather than individually
figuring this out, why not start a collective effort. Please share your efforts
and lets see what our options are.

Good luck everyone, we'll get there soon.


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i dont know if senators/congress-ppl can help if check _is_ pending...
but i saw some posts on the VSC board abt some late'02-early'03
namechecks that were never submitted to fbi, and some instances
where fbi's "no-records" response was not accepted by cis.. due to
some system issue...
has anyone from CSC faced this scenario??
485 nd-12/02


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I guess you will find hundreds of posts regarding namecheck pending from
CSC. However they may not be since 2002. Many people who called CSC's emergency number recently have received reply that their namecheck is pending. What does your online status say for I-485 ?


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outletvolt1, i agree lots of folks r stuck in namechk..
i was just trying to see if any CSC folks r facing the situation
documented on the VSC board i.e. namecheck never initiated
by uscis OR nncp's "no-record" response not accepted by uscis..
my online status changed due to my inquiry some time back,
so it now says
"on xyz, we responded to ur inquiry...."

sammyboy, i came to know this last yr via my lawyer's
inquiry... if u call emergency #, and if u r lucky they might
give u this info..


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Guys !

Write a precise letter to both your senator of choice as well as your district congressman. I was in the same boat and got my gc a month or so back, I got a reponse to my name check query from FBI yesterday saying they completed name check in Dec 2004 and passed on the results to USCIS, this was a month after I had received a response from a senator saying they will inquire about this problem on my behalf.

I reall yhink it cant hurt esp for cases like us who have been stuck for aeons


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long-waiting pain

Many thanks to Beavis and others for many useful suggestions.

The slow-moving security checks truly cause some of us pain in heart. We are waiting for more than two years. We actually don't know why we were chosen for detailed checks. If the computer checks were stuck, FBI agents should call us for clarification since they knows everything on us. Even, several calls to our employers could solve many problems. We are not afraid of being called and just afraid of non-response for many years.


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I think the duration of a namecheck doesn't depend on what kind of information fbi has on someone. Or how difficult it is to find everything about a particular person. It is just a matter of their inefficiency and irresponsibility. There is no limit on how long they can delay a namecheck, they know that nobody can do anything to them if they keep cases pending for years. And lack of control always results in lack of responsibility. Two senators and congressman sent them inquires about my case. They answered: this case is pending. They don't have to answer why? They don't have to say how soon they will finish. I live in the US for 10 years, all records about me are very easy accessible for them.
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~10 persons stuck?

There are only about ten I-485 applicants in 2002 stuck at name checks. Is that true? Or there are more hidden in behind without speaking out?


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slow485 said:
There are only about ten I-485 applicants in 2002 stuck at name checks. Is that true? Or there are more hidden in behind without speaking out?

why don't you run the scanner and see for yourself how many cases from 2002 are still stuck. there are 2 scanners that i know of from talkative and donkeykong.