Another 420 NJ based Clarisoft/Infosys consulting co.


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This company is doing immigration fraud. If they have approched you or you are working for this company please be aware. Immigration department is looking into this.


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Is this company New York based also? Is the owner of this company is Anil Zaparde? can you please post some details.


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Do you work for Clarisoft/Infosys Inc?

I work for Infosys Consulting/Clarisoft. They filed my GC last year.

What is the basis for the information above? Send me an email and lets talk on the phone?


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Yes, I work for Clarisoft

hello nt-gc,

I got ur private message also, don't want to chat since my gc could also get screwed. Just bear in mind Anil Zaparde is a complete fraud, i would say complete fcuk. This is exactly what he dose with people and this is just beginning for you, Be prepared for his lies. He has done very bad thing for a friend of mine who also worked for him.

My advise is if you have other option get out of this guy's company immidiately. You will be in big troublr later on.


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Anil Zaparde is big fraud guy

i had bad experience with this guy. he was having office at park avenue,nyc
normally he cheats h1b visa holders ny/nj area . he did lot of pre approved labour frauds earlier.

he has another office in nj name clarisoft.


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dont ever go to these fraud companies... because of them... I fought 8 years to my GC..

Find good company.........
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