An old Ticket...


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First of all...Thanks to the mods and people who are running this forum and providing the service/helping out us folks.

Background info.... I am currently in US on a student Visa. I just finished my Masters in nursing (FNP) (I am starting another Masters soon to maintain status) and since it will take me a while to get a green card in the states I am thinking about applying to Canada (Mannitoba or Quebec) for PR. I have a relative in Mannitoba who can sponsor me or I was also thinking about the "Exploratory Visit" under Strategic initiative..once it opens up in 2013.

Now the issue....I have an old ticket I got when I was doing my 2002 or 03. The ticket was for Underage drinking and Disorderly Conduct. (I was at a drunk..and then a fight). I was fined 600 dollars to the other party and I got 1 year of probation, which I completed without any hick ups or missed payments. I haven't gotten in any trouble after that.

I know that one is not eligible for PR in Canada/Australia etc if they have a criminal record. Is there a way around it? Record expungtion any other ideas?
Any help/comments will be appreciated.
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