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An approved I-140 -the petitioner or company is acquired- H1B extention is possible

Discussion in 'General H-1 and H-3 Visa and Related Issues' started by avaniflorida, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. avaniflorida

    avaniflorida New Member

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    My I-140 was approved for company A in 2010.Before and after that I have been working on h1b but at company B. In 2011 company B obtained an H1b extension for 3 years.
    Meanwhile in 2012 company A was sold to company C.
    Company C however have not yet obtained new 1-140 via successor in interest.
    My H1B is now due for renewal in 2014 and company B like to extend it.Will this extension need company C to obtain successor In Interest first and then only company B can apply for H1b extension or Company B can make an extension petition based on original 2010 I-140 approval for erstwhile company A which does not exist now?
    Kindly advise.
  2. whitemimauz3

    whitemimauz3 Registered Users (C)

    Company C was suppose to file successor in interest to I-140 filed by company A. As long as I-140 was filed and approved by company A is what you need to file H-1B extension with company B.

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