Am I eligible to obtain L1A Visa?


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As many people, in the past months I was waiting for US embassies to open and resume visa applications when all the sudden Trump's proclamation banned L and others visa until the end of the year.

I just read the proclamation and found out that there is an exception for aliens that would contribute into US Food Supply Chain.

I work for a company that sells food sorting machines (international company with approximately 10k employees), basically about 90% of the food we buy on daily basis is processed by our machines in order to provide a safe food for customers.

Our business was also considered essential during the lock downs in different states in the US and we remained open and continued doing business.

Is there any chance that this exception applies in my case? I had already L1A Visa under blanket petition with the same position approximately 3 years ago so I'm sure that my position is eligible for this kind of Visa it's just the proclamation that is causing issues.



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Your company immigration lawyer is probably best placed to answer this as they would know exactly what the company and you do, and how that relates to the exemption in the proclamation.