Alternative jobs / other fields on O-1 visa


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Hi there, I'd really appreciate your opinions and advice here. I have read conflicting information relating to my situation, so I want to clarify some things.

I recently arrived in the US after obtaining an O-1 (non-immigrant) visa which is specific to a certain field relating to the entertainment industry. The visa is sponsored by my manager, so it is not specific to any one job.

I opened bank account with BoA when I arrived (I did not need to supply a SSN to do so), and I have just received my SSN in the mail.

I have been considering additional employment options. I'm confused as to what jobs I can accept/apply for. Hypothetically, could I work in a restaurant using the SSN I have received? Would there be any ramifications involved if I was to work in a field which is not directly related my O-1? How do the relevant authorities become aware of whether or not the job a person is doing is permissible?

Thanks so much in advance for your help.


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Your visa allows you to only work in your field. So if you are a musician, you can only work in the field of music, not wash dishes in a restaurant. By taking other jobs, you will be violating this clause: The beneficiary may only engage in authorized employment during the validity period of the petition.

How the authorities would know depends on the case, and sometimes they may never find out, but each job that you take will setup a paper trail and eventually you will be caught.