Airlines fined over immigration issues


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Two airlines have been fined for allowing passengers to fly into the country without prior approval from Immigration New Zealand.

At Manukau District Court, LAN Airlines was convicted and fined $9000 for two offences and Cathay Pacific Airways convicted and fined $5250 for one offence.

Both were guilty of failing to comply with their obligations under the Immigration Act 2009.

Inbound travellers need to be cleared through a system called Advance Passenger Processing, which sends an automatic message if a passenger is allowed through the border.

In the case of LAN Airlines, a check-in attendant at Santiago airport in Chile entered an expired passport number for a Brazilian national in December last year. The passenger subsequently flew to Auckland.

Cathay Pacific did not provide any information on a South African national before allowing him to travel to Auckland from South Africa via Hong Kong in January 2012.

In both cases the passengers were refused entry at the border and returned home.

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