Age limit for EB5 applicant’s dependent children

I am planning to apply for EB5 Visa for my family. I have a dependent child is running 21 now and would complete 21 years in June 2019. Would my child be eligible for EB5 as a dependent if I apply in december 2018.

Please advise whether the child has to be 21 years at the time of EB5 ( I 526) application approval or at the time of submission of EB5 (I526) application.


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My understanding is the CSPA act protects such a child as long as the EB5 petition is filed when he/she is still under 21 and unmarried, but suggest you double check this with the attorney that you will presumably be using to ensure everything is in order.


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The child's age when a visa number becomes available is considered. The amount of time the petition was pending is subtracted from the child's age. So, basically, you can think of it like this: the child's age freezes on the date the petition is filed, then unfreezes when the petition is approved, and then continues to run. When a visa number becomes available, we look at the age, and if it is under 21, the child can immigrate as a derivative beneficiary.

Note that only people born in Mainland China and Vietnam currently have waits for visa numbers for EB5.