after I-140 H1 can get 3 years of extension .


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yes, if your i140 is filed you can get 3years h1b1 extension.When you do file for h1b1 extension you need to submit a copy of the i140 receipt/approval which ever you have.


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I think you can file for H-1B extension if your 1-140 was filed atleast 365 days prior to filing for extension, however, I dont think you can apply for a 3 year extension. I think it is extended for one year at a time but I am not completely sure.


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As far as i know,

You are eligible for 3 yr extensions on the H1 IF I-140 has been APPROVED (merely filing is not sufficient) and you cannot apply 485 due to retrogression.


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Yes, PD is portable if I140 is approved

pvr726 said:
Visli: Are you asking this or saying this with some confirmation? Be clear please

Rajiv Khanna or said (I forget which) that a priority date is for you to keep once your I140 is APPROVED. If you change jobs you will still have to restart labor and file a new I140 but you get to keep your old priority date. Furthermore you can do this regardless of whether your old labor was EB2 or EB3. Interesting isnt it?


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6th year on H-1b, 7th year extensions...


I recently joined a new company, and they will file for my perm soon, but unfortunately not before my 5 years on H-1B is up. From what I read on this forum, if my perm is approved, and my company files for the I-140 and that is approved too, can I get indefinite H-1B extensions beyond 6 years?

I am confused, because in the pre-perm days, don't think one could apply for LC if less than 365 days remained before 6 years on H-1B is up.

Would really appreciate your advice...