Advise on Parents-in-law stays on USA

Hi, my name is John and I have a couple of concerns about my parents-in-law coming to see us (me and my wife ) in the United States. I am currently serving in the Army reserves, hold a U.S citizenship, and my wife is a permanent resident with eligibility to file for citizenship. Now, here’s the thing, recently, my wife’s parents received B1/b2 visa to come to the U.S.A. The reason we would like them to come is because my wife is currently pregnant and for her is a very big help for her parents to be with her. Mind you, there is no intent for her parents to stay permanently here in the U.S. they will go back to China before their maximum amount of stay reaches which is 6 months, the maximum allowable stay for b1/b2 visas as far as I know. But we would like them to come again for the birth of the baby And stay for another 5 months in as little as 1 month being in their home country. I guess this is a way for my parents-in-law to just be of help while my wife is pregnant, especially because they know how to cook and me and my wife do not really have family around to help out or be by our side. Any advise on how it might be of better approach to do this or opinions, for my parents-in-law to keep coming back without issues ?. I would highly appreciate it, and again, they have no intentions of living here in the U.S.A. Thank you so much in advance for any responses.


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"..for my parents-in-law to keep coming back.." Therein lies a potential problem. Each time your inlaws request entry into the US, CBP decides whether to allow entry and for how long. Usually it's for 6 months, but if your inlaws stay 6 months, return a month later for another 5 months, it's possible CBP could restrict their entry and give them a short(er) duration. Or deny entry. It's all up to the CBP.

It would be wise for your inlaws to remember that a B2 visa is for short temporary visits to the US. A general rule of thumb is to spend twice the amount of time outside as spent in the US. So someone in the US for, say 4 months, should not return until after 8 months outside the US. And we suggest using the services of friends and family in the US to help take care of cooking and household duties. Most areas in the US have a significant Chinese community. Household work is not authorized on a B2 visa.


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Unofficial rule of thumb is to be out of the country twice as long as in it. Having them come for 2-3 months, leave for 4/6 then return for birth is likely to have a lower chance of denial for re-entry. Hard to show ties to home when you can spend 11 out of 12 months out = another potential reason for denial.