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Discussion in 'V Visas' started by indianh1b, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. indianh1b

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    Hello -

    I am a Lawful Permanent Resident. If I get married in India to an Indian citizen, what is the quickest way to sponsor and get her over here? (either as a non-immigrant or an immigrant) Thanks.
  2. christ-cary

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    Your are a Green C Holder, if you go to India and get married, you can file for I-130 for your spouse. Now, it depends on where your are living, which state?
    If you lice in any state that send application to Nebraska Service Center or California Service Center, then you good to go. I-130 are processing faster in these two Centers then others. It will take one year to get your I-130 approved. or, just keep trying until you obtain a visitor visa for your spouse and when He or She gets here, you get marry him ot her and apply.
    It's against the Immigration law to apply for your spouse and request a visitor visa for the same person in the middle of the processing.
  3. tweetyshaoi

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    Can the GC Holder request for visitor's visa for his wife?


    Just wondering, you mentioned that in the middle of the petition, the GC holder cannot request for her wife's visitors visa or tourist visa. You mean, if the GC SPouse is not yet petitioning her wife, the GC Holder SPouse can request for her wife to visit him? Or it also depends?
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    Hi, I live in Arizona and my gf is on valid F1 visa. She will graduate next month and we plan to get married this year =) You mentioned the CA I-130 processing time is about 1 year, may I ask what is the next step for her to get a GC? Can she find a job here without sponshoship (H1-B)? Thanks!

  5. christ-cary

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    My advice is, get married before she grauduates, if you are a us citizen, then she will get a green card in 16 months. Remember the sonner you apply the better. After getting married, you need to file the I-130 and I-485 at the same time, do not file them separately, they will take time to process.
  6. kelvinjai

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    How about if I am just a GC holder? I received my GC one year ago only...
  7. puttsardarande

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    dont live in pain, ACT NOW!!

    don't keep living in pain, act NOW and get this bill passed.This is the best solution for you guys.
    This is an email to ask for your support in uniting families of Legal Permanent Residents in the USA.

    a) Are you a green card holder waiting for your spouse and minor children to join you while their green card petition is pending?

    b) Are you a green card holder and not yet married? Planning to marry soon, someone outside the USA?

    c) Are you in the late stages of your green card process and afraid that it will be approved before you marry?

    If so, please join us in resolving the issue of family separation.

    We are from, a group of Legal Permanent Residents (Green card holders) and waiting for our spouses and minor children to join us.

    So what shall we do next? We have to raise awareness among Senators, Representatives, Journalists and other media, urging them to support us by introducing and passing a bill for family reunification (the V-visa).

    Requesting to support the bill called HR 1823. Is this possible? Yes it is. We have made a lot of progress in the last three months and we are going to achieve this. We are fighting for a fundamental right of American society.

    Thank you for your time. Please take your time spread this news to support unification of families.


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