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    Been a member of this forum for a little while, anyways not sure if this is the correct section but if it's not please move it.

    Little bit of "history"

    I moved to the States in 2007, came in on an L2 Visa. My Dad was on an L1 and my mom was on an L2 as well.
    Anyways, I went to one semester of middle school here, I graduated. I went to Highschool, and College, graduated as well.

    We were on our way to AOS(Adjustment of Status) from an L1 to greencard because my Dad was eligible due to his position - we were told that we couldn't get the greencard due to the location that my dad transferred from being being closed due to a hurricane. Idk, some BS stipulation in my opinion. Some law that states that the location that the employer was transferred from HAS to be opened at the time of applying. The thing is, the location is the only thing that closed down - not the entire corporation. Anyways.. moving on.

    We left in the end of 2014 because we couldn't stay there illegally.

    In 2015, I wanted to go to University, so I applied to multiple schools and chose which one I wanted to go to, fast forward a little bit - I got an F1 visa and was able to live and study there legally.

    While here on an F1 visa, I applied for OPT, got a SSN and all that - had an extremely hard time finding companies to hire me due to my "status". About a month before my work permit was expiring, I got an interview and I obtained a job - job offer and everything. But.. that's where my luck ran out.

    I told the company that I am here on OPT and I needed them to fill out about 3 papers in order for me to send to immigration to extend my work permit, which would have allowed me to stay in the U.S. for a year or two(my F1 expires in 2020). H.R. decided that "due to the circumstances" they didn't want to go through with it so they redacted the job offer.

    During this time I was eagerly waiting for the DV lottery results(I didn't get selected).. anyways, I had to leave the U.S. before June 1st, 2018 or else I would have been there illegal because I completed my education and I couldn't work.

    I am now back in my country, miserable, depressed and out of hope because I don't know where I went wrong and how I can get back into the U.S.

    Please offer any advice you can: Should I wait for the H1B visa period to restart, should i attempt marriage, should I pay someone to get me a greencard(I've heard about people paying lawyers some ridiculous fee and they were able to get a greencard).

    Just help please. I know it's a long read - thanks!
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    Sad story. Must be pretty rough to have to leave when you’ve spent so much of your youth and young adult life here. Sad to say too though, not a lot of options.

    Unfortunately paying lawyers exorbitant sums cannot get you a green card (if you have enough you can consider an EB5 visa but that’s minimum $500k), and marrying someone for a green card is illegal and liable to get you banned for life if found out. So yes looks like work visa is probably the way to go. Other than H1, you can take a longer view and do what your dad did - work for a company with a US branch and look to get transferred there in due course.
    (I’m assuming you’re not a nurse - it’s still surprisingly easy to get an immigrant visa to the US as a nurse.)

    Incidentally your “BS reason” isn’t, and exists because L1 is ripe for fraudulent intent, so they seem to check up closely. I know someone who went over an L too, they actually had uscis check on the physical office to see if it was big enough and equipped correctly to staff the number of people doing the kind of business that had been claimed in the visa application. (Otherwise Joe Schmo could start a company in the US and sponsor all his friends on L visas running his “company” out of a desk in wework....)
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    Yeah, sad story indeed. Thanks for the information.
    I have been looking into the EB5, but yeah like you said 500k and tbh..i look at that as paying 500k for a greencard lol.
    As for the marrying thing, I could possibly get a way with it due to knowing a lot of girls that may be into it as well as proof of me knowing them for awhile. But yeah..still fishy.

    I will start looking for h1b sponsors then and see what I can do when it comes to that, I heard that is insanely hard to get as well lol.

    As for the L1 thing, thanks for explaining I didn't know there was an issue with people doing fraudulent things when it comes to that. However we found out the news in 2010/11 or so.
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    This forum does NOT condone or guide people on how to fraudulently obtain immigration benefits. Any more post like this will earn you a ban.
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    Yeah no worries, after that post i did some research and i'm not risking never being able to come back to the U.S. if caught, xxxxx that.
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    Please watch the language.

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