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  1. Ari2002

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    I have couple of questions regarding my advance parole travel

    1) Has any one recently traveled to U.S. on AP via Doha, Qatar on Qatar Airways? Are the airport people in Doha familiar with AP? Any experiences?

    2) Can I fold my AP document to make it small and handy to carry. I was thinking about folding it in half. Is this ok?

    Thanks so much for any help.

  2. manwithnoname

    manwithnoname Registered Users (C)

    Not sure of the first one ... but if you do not fold the AP along any bar code, I think, you should be ok.
  3. tomy19192001

    tomy19192001 Registered Users (C)

    dear all, I need help here. My I-485 is pending however both of my I-140 got approved (plz see signature for details). I am currently on H1B visa. I never gone outside USA since I came here in 2001 on F1 and therefore passport is not stamped with H1B. I have valid I 94 with expired F1 stamp on my passport. Now I have applied for advance parole which is pending. I am planning to go to India (home country) in march 2009 (and hoping to receive advance parole by that time). My questions are as below:
    1. If my advance parole is approved, do I really need H1B stamping to be done while returning back to US. Can I just use advance parole instead to renter US after my vacation. As my vacation is only of two weeks duration (many reasons why I cant extend more than that), and US consulate office (where H1B stamping would be done) is about 2 days far (through train journey) from my home in India,I really want to avoid H1B stamping if at all possible.
    2. Would my traveling abroad on advance parole in any way affect my pending I-485 petiton. As the PD is current, there is a possiblity that I-485 may get accepted anytime (it can happen anytime from now till I come back from vacation). My concern is that, what will happen to my green card in the scenario when I am abroad (outside US) on advance parole and just in case, my I-485 got approved. Because I wont be here in US to receive approved I-485 or green card, will I be able to enter US on advance parole instead.

    sorry for my confusing detailed questionnare, but I really donot want to mess things up in my last part of green card journey. Thank all for tremnedous help.
  4. TheRealCanadian

    TheRealCanadian Volunteer Moderator

    Yes, you can use AP instead of getting the H1 stamped.

    Yes, you can re-enter using the AP.
  5. tomy19192001

    tomy19192001 Registered Users (C)

    thank you so much for the quick reply.
  6. GreenDonkey

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    My I485 is in pending status when I traveled to India on advance parole. Now I got my GC to US address which my friend brought to India.
    Can I enter US with my new GC?
    My parole expires in a month.
    Can I travel to US after my parole expires with my new GC?
  7. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    Since your GC has been approved and issued, you no longer need the AP card, so you can and should use the GC to return to the U.S.
  8. GreenDonkey

    GreenDonkey New Member

    Thank you

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