adoption from India


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We are GC holders and will be eligible for citizenship next yr.
we will go to india and adopt a child as per in-country adoption rules. One of will stay in India with the child for 2 yrs by which time we will get the citizenship.
Can we bring the child to USA after 2 yrs custody of child. By that time we expect to be citizens.

Any ideas on this will be helpful.


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We're also in the process of adopting from India, but we're U.S. citizens. As per the U.S. immigration rules, as far as I know, if you stay with the child in the child's country of domicile, for 2 years, then you can bring the child to the U.S., if one of you is not a U.S. citizen. But, for this, you have to prove that you have stayed with the child for 2 years. And I guess, you have to prove your existence in India to the Indian adoption agency.

Hope the Indian government and all the world's govts., make it easier for us to adopt and bring our children to our homes!!!!!!

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