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**** adjustment of status question ****

Discussion in 'K Visa and Related Issues at the Consulates' started by sjl87, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. sjl87

    sjl87 New Member


    my boyfriend and i have been looking into the ways i could legally immigrate to the us, and we have come to the decision (through consulting with an immigration lawyer) that we want to do "adjustment of status". I am having mixed feelings about this for many reasons, mostly because i am concerned about the "intent" portion -- proving intent to go back to canada (where i currently reside). Of course i've had every intent to return to canada after each visit to him here in the u.s., and have always gone back, but i am curious how you have proved your intent.

    Also, i'm looking to hear about general experiences from people who have decided to pursue the adjustment of status option, versus the k-1 fiancee visa (which is a slower process, and could potentially prevent a foreign national [non-us citizen] from entering the country for visits if there is a lack of proof of intent).

  2. vectorP

    vectorP Registered Users (C)

    For "adjustment of status", you must get immigration application (Form I-130 or Form I-140) approved first, which should be employment-based or family-based immigraion appliction, and get aproved by USCIS. You cannot apply for adjustment of status directly, which is Form I-485 application.

    Form I-485 application should be the next step after Form I-130 or Form I-140 approved. Please see http://www.greencardfamily.com/i485.htm

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