Adjustment of status from visa waiver

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    ok so i have a bit of a situation.

    I was born n raised in london and im a british citizen (pakistani origin)

    I came to the US and ended up getting married here with no intention to as the ceremony ("nikah") was arranged within a few days.
    I had planned to leave and even had a return ticket to the UK within 90 days.

    However i got pregnant before the 90 days were over and became very sick due to the vomiting and also due to financial hardship was unable to adjust my status . .

    I did not have any intention to stay in the US (my husband is not a US citizen or a legal permanant resident). My true intentions were to leave the US after marriage and sponsor him to join me in the UK.
    However , i now have a US born citizen Daughter who is 2 yrs old and a husband who is not legal here as well as me.

    What options do i have?
    I have overstayed my vwp by more than 180 days.
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