About my wife's SSN in the US

Joe Marciano

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Hi ! am newbie in this forum and I have a question regarding my wife's SSN. This is the whole scenario, during our consular interview done in Manila, the pre-interviewer before doing the final interview by the consul , adviced my wife to fill up the DS-230 (Part2). On page 33, there is an statement there that says,you must answer to the question "YES" & to 33b concerning the 'consent to disclosure' of your SSN. However, perhaps due to her being so nervous at that time she was able to answer it "NO". that is why when she reached the US & file the SSN, she was adviced to wait for 8 weeks. This 8 weeks is quite far from the normal processing which is only 3 to 4 weeks as normal pace of processing. She is very much worried considering that her employer is now waiting for her to start working already. Is there any negative implications on this by answering 'NO' in that particular portion? In addition to this, a week after she files for her SSN, she received already her 'green card'. But the issue now is how soon SSA will release the SSN of my wife. Thank you!
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