A Pause/Break (Vacation) between Change of Employer


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Hello there,

My Current situation:
I have already mentioned to my current employer that I am leaving them and joining another firm. My new employer/company has already transferred by H1-B/LCA and it has got approved by USCIS starting 7/30/12. I have already provided an end-date to my current employer as 15th August 2012. I was thinking if I can take a break of about 7 to 10 days in between before joining my new employer/company.

My question:
Can I tell my new employer that I will start working with them from September 1st, 2012. Can I take a break of 10 days in between? Nothing goofy, but I just want to go out on a vacation within US itself and then join the new firm. Will this cause a immigration issue or something?

Appreciate your help to the earliest convenience please! This is required ASAP for me as my visa is already transferred and I need to give a start date to the new company tomorrow AM time.