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    I am a physician in training in SLC on J-1 visa. My fiancé is Canadian and about to start residency, we are not sure if she should do her residency on j-1 or j-2, the problem is that I will finish my training 1 year before her, so at that time she have to switch to j-1 anyway.

    The main question is, if she does residency on j-1, of course she needs a waiver job in the future, let's assume I got a waiver job once I am done, but she couldn't get a waiver job the first year she is done, can she change to any other non working visa so she stay in the us with me till she find a waiver job or not.

    Thank you
  2. Stepmaru

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    I would talk to a lawyer. She cannot work on a j2. if she gets a j1 she will always be subject to the 2 year rule until she gets a waiver.
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    First of all she is allowed to work on j2 aftet getting a EAD which usually takes 3-4 month after submitting the application and the validity of that EAD will be end date shown on your DS2019. If she is taking J1 for her job, she need to find a waiver job. If she is working on j2, then she will be automatically waived with your j1 waiver. Consult with a lawyer.

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