90 days since Interview n40p


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Hello, it has been more than 90 days since my n400 interview for which i was recommendes for approval. But oath ceremony wasn't scheduled.
Case status still says:interview is scheduled
When i call 1-800 they say it says pending and I have to wait 120 days. I filed a service request and they only told me to wait 90 days and that uscis will make a decision by then, but i know it's bullshit.
More on my interview: i was last to be interviewed. Computera were down. We had to switch a couple of computers. Officer had to go back to her computer to attach a document i gave her with my application after taking my pictures with another officer's computer.
I have a feeling that this is a reason my case is taking too long.
My field office doesn't schedule infopass. What do I do?!!!!!!
Congrats. I have been waiting since September for my letter to take my oath, which when I was interview they told me will take 45 days and it is not almost the end of December and into a new year. I called and I was told if I don't see anything by the 1st of March put in an inquiry online. My attorney sent an inquiry and I did too. Now it is saying pending Adjudication. I am frustrated so I know exactly how you feel. I will take a day and go into the office and inquire about it. I wish you good luck in finding answers because it is really hard to get through to those offices and to get good word.