59 cases (I-140) approved from TSC just in July!


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According to ImmigrationWatch.com, the following 59 cases (I-140) filed in TSC were approved in July, 2004:

CaseNumber ReceivedDate ApprovedDate
------------- ------------ ------------
SRC031015**** 02/27/03 APPROVED 07/02/04
SRC031025**** 02/28/03 APPROVED 07/02/04
SRC031205**** 03/25/03 APPROVED 07/02/04
SRC031345**** 04/11/03 APPROVED 07/02/04
SRC031345**** 04/11/03 APPROVED 07/02/04
SRC031505**** 05/05/03 APPROVED 07/02/04
SRC031945**** 07/07/03 APPROVED 07/02/04
SRC031625**** 05/21/03 APPROVED 07/05/04
SRC031625**** 05/21/03 APPROVED 07/05/04
SRC031645**** 05/23/03 APPROVED 07/05/04
SRC031675**** 05/29/03 APPROVED 07/05/04
SRC032265**** 08/18/03 APPROVED 07/05/04
SRC031675**** 05/29/03 APPROVED 07/06/04
SRC031605**** 05/19/03 APPROVED 07/07/04
SRC031915**** 07/01/03 APPROVED 07/07/04
SRC032215**** 08/11/03 APPROVED 07/07/04
SRC032225**** 08/12/03 APPROVED 07/07/04
SRC032225**** 08/12/03 APPROVED 07/07/04
SRC032375**** 09/02/03 APPROVED 07/07/04
SRC032155**** 08/01/03 APPROVED 07/08/04
SRC022245**** 07/17/02 APPROVED 07/09/04
SRC030215**** 10/29/02 APPROVED 07/09/04
SRC031415**** 04/22/03 APPROVED 07/09/04
SRC032135**** 07/30/03 APPROVED 07/09/04
SRC032395**** 09/04/03 APPROVED 07/09/04
SRC032495**** 09/16/03 APPROVED 07/10/04
SRC040135**** 10/17/03 APPROVED 07/10/04
SRC041075**** 03/05/04 APPROVED 07/10/04
SRC030345**** 11/15/02 APPROVED 07/12/04
SRC030465**** 12/04/02 APPROVED 07/12/04
SRC031275**** 04/03/03 APPROVED 07/12/04
SRC031855**** 06/24/03 APPROVED 07/12/04
SRC032255**** 08/15/03 APPROVED 07/12/04
SRC032345**** 08/27/03 APPROVED 07/12/04
SRC031075**** 03/06/03 APPROVED 07/13/04
SRC031735**** 06/06/03 APPROVED 07/13/04
SRC030975**** 02/19/03 APPROVED 07/14/04
SRC031905**** 06/30/03 APPROVED 07/14/04
SRC040435**** 12/01/03 APPROVED 07/14/04
SRC030715**** 01/10/03 APPROVED 07/15/04
SRC030935**** 02/12/03 APPROVED 07/15/04
SRC031395**** 04/18/03 APPROVED 07/15/04
SRC032055**** 07/21/03 APPROVED 07/15/04
SRC032055**** 07/21/03 APPROVED 07/15/04
SRC032055**** 07/21/03 APPROVED 07/15/04
SRC030755**** 01/16/03 APPROVED 07/16/04
SRC031475**** 04/30/03 APPROVED 07/16/04
SRC031755**** 06/10/03 APPROVED 07/16/04
SRC031815**** 06/18/03 APPROVED 07/16/04
SRC031925**** 07/02/03 APPROVED 07/16/04
SRC032325**** 08/25/03 APPROVED 07/16/04
SRC032445**** 09/10/03 APPROVED 07/16/04
SRC032565**** 09/24/03 APPROVED 07/16/04
SRC031155**** 03/18/03 APPROVED 07/19/04
SRC032295**** 08/21/03 APPROVED 07/19/04
SRC032465**** 09/12/03 APPROVED 07/19/04
SRC032605**** 09/30/03 APPROVED 07/19/04
SRC040435**** 12/01/03 APPROVED 07/19/04
SRC040495**** 12/09/03 APPROVED 07/19/04

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I-140 approvals from TSC - Hope is on the way?

Congratulations to those who got the I-140 approvals!
Don't know about the status of mine which is untouched since Feb19,2003 :confused:

Finger printing done on 06/24/04 but no update till today :mad:

Concurrent filing,EB3(RIR)
Both I-140 & I-485:RD 02/14/03 ND:02/18/03 AD: :confused:
2 APs ;)
2nd EAD card on the way(delayed due to e-filing) :eek:


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Newcomer on this forum, and waiting, waiting...

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, but followed the discussions since a while.

Here are my data:

EB2 concurrent, non-NIV, TSC
Third year on H1B, 3 years extension granted, keep
this status (do not work on EAD).
LC approved Dec. 2002.

I-140/I-485 ND April 2, 2003 AD ?????
First FP 7/3/03, expiring in 2 months...
(I did not send fax to CIS. Does it really help ?)
Do not have AP, use H1B only.

I checked the status of I-140's with ND April 2, 03, none has
been approved this week. 59 cases approved in July is
just a ridiculous low number. I do not think they are
doing anything more with I-485. Fear that the 9/11 report
and coming elections will stop any movement again.

I also really wonder if this Ohata Memo is not just a scam, to give us
again wrong hopes ? They put the memo out, approve some cases,
and that's it. Would not be surprising, as there is a past
history of deception. They have no intent to speed up our
applications, as it it a gold mine for this country: our fees allow
to employ many people, including immigration lawyers, and
employers profit from a skilled workforce they can
terminate at any time. It's just too good...

I'm a scientist, and think that all skilled workers in this country
with pending AOS should put their "real" contributions on hold,
to some extent, until they get a decision.
It could give an incentive to this country to stop to treat the
skilled foreign workforce like slaves of the 21st century...

"We welcome immigrants", yeah, right !
But... no kidding !?
Yes, it's obvious:
did you know that 60% of the brightest of this Nation, winning
prices at scientific contests, etc., are foreign born ? Wow !
I learned it through an article in a journal past week.
Most of them came here with an H1B visa, like most of us.
For long, the number of H1B visas per year was
65,000 with an increase for few years to 140,000
and now again 65,000. What does this tiny number represent
when compared to the native US citizens ? Nothing.
Nevertheless, it makes 60% of the brightest of this country !!!
This fact alone should trigger at least a little respect for
our contributions, no ?

I'm always puzzled by the attitude of the immigration
officers at the POE: arrogant, they talk to us like to dogs.
Why ??? We are not criminals, we followed the maze of
CIS paperwork and rules, payed a lot's of fees to CIS and our
lawyers, pay our taxes, give the best we have to offer:
our skills (we spent years to develop and learn, no),
so what is our fault ? To exist ? To have believed at
some point in the "American dream and freedom ?"
Freedom is not for us, folks !
Well, everywhere else in the world we are
spoken to in a "normal" way. It's the contrast
all people travelling around the world immediately
recognize when the arrive at a POE in the USA.
Nice, I think, every time. Then I have to find back my
motivation to contribute, to be successful in my research,
and I really really question why I'm trying to give my
best to this country, why I came here, why
being treated that way.

I'm outraged about this. Wish to tell
friends and colleagues abroad:
"wait until this mess is fixed, do not come here if
you have other options, you will be reduced to slavery
for years".
Studying here is great, but not working with H1B, IF there is
intent to do AOS (to stay). No one who want to immigrate
should accept to come here on H1B, but should insist to get
a green card BEFORE.

Best wishes to all.



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how sure are you of this? need to know the month which they are processing as accdg to the TSC uscis site its july 2003 but accdg to your posting there are some cases approved which were filed in dec 2003..
mine is filed in mar 2004 at the TSC . desperately need the 140 ...need out of this slavery

Call me Shrek

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WeRnotWelcome said:
I'm a scientist, and think that all skilled workers in this country
with pending AOS should put their "real" contributions on hold,
to some extent, until they get a decision.
It could give an incentive to this country to stop to treat the
skilled foreign workforce like slaves of the 21st century...


My sentiments, exactly. I am sitting on two patents (not related to my day job, just something I thunk up while driving around and had my friends to check out) that I filed at my own expense - and, I figure, if I can't start a company to profit from them, NOBODY will. On related note, how about an "immigrant sick-out day" - oh, just to call an attention to the plight of high-tech slaves?


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Jobless and pending I-140

I think I am going to jobless very soon. Till that time I should get my EAD.
But what could happen if I dont have my I-140 cleared by that time?
What does employers usually do? Do they cancel the process?
Please guide.



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Contact your employer and find out if he is going to withdraw your I-140 application. If you can convince them not to withdraw the I-140 application and answer any RFE's then you will be fine and will get your EAD.

If your company withdraws I-140 application then you will lose all your green card process you have done so far..