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Got an RFE for my wife's 485. My 485 LUD changed on the same day but nothing else (no RFE - no change in messages).

Is it possible that they are waiting for my wife's RFE response before they approve us together? Has anybody here had the same experience?


I-140 approved. Concurrent filing.


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LUD changed on 485, but message did not changed ....

Hi, the LUD for 485 has been changed on today's date (1/13/2005). But the message hasn't been changed. I have applied 140/485 concurrently, for my self, wife and my son. But there is no change in LUD for My son's 485 and no change in LUD for my 140. is that means, i can think of this is for a RFE?

because, if it is approved, i am guessing, It would have been updated for 140 and my son's (10 yrs old) 485?

can you please update me. I really appreciate uyour input.


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My wifes LUD updated on Nov 19th and the status has changed to "Request for further evicence etc.,..." but finally when I received the letter it was on my name and on my "Receipt #" nothing related to her.

So, Until you get that letter you cannot say that it is really for your wife. At least that is what happened in my case.