485 interview experience (12/3/2007) at SFO

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  1. eye140485

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    I had my I485 interview today. This is how it went:

    Case details: I'm secondary and my wife is the primary applicant. EB3 India. PD - 06/2003. 485 RD - 08/26/2004.

    The reason for the interview is because my wife's FP's were not readable (she did it twice without luck). Since FP's are a requirement to get FBI clearance, the officer asked my wife to get "Police Clearance Certificates" from all the cities she lived in (in the US) till date.

    Another thing missing was my "Birth Certificate". I submitted my "Birth Affidavit" with my 485 application but apparently that is not sufficient for people born after 01/01/1970 in India. My options are either (i) to get a Birth Certificate, Or, (ii) to support my "Birth Affidavit" with a government issued document that verifies that there is "no record of my birth in the system".

    We have 87 days to submit the above documentation.

    Apart from the above two everything else was intact. The officer proactively took our Finger Prints and Signatures that are used to print the card (so that they can approve our application as soon as we provide the required documentation).

    Soft aspects: The officer was a lady who was very patient and thorough in her work. She took time to go through all the rules (for my sake) to see if she can waive the need for my birth certificate. She did not rush at all and gave satisfactory answers to all the questions we asked.

    The interview was held in San Francisco, CA.

    Well...that's it.
  2. eye140485

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    I forgot to mention that the officer asked for EVL from current employer (for my wife) and W2/Tax returns for 2006. We took the originals with us but the officer was kind enough to make copies and give the originals back to us (The interview letter says that we need to make copies prior to the interview as they may hold on to the originals).
  3. anjcoolguy

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    Police Clearance Certificate?

    Hi eye140485
    Could you please tell me how did you get police clearance certificates from all cities you lived in US. My Finger Prints did not come out properly. I tried 4 times but still didnt come out properly.
  4. eye140485

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    anjcoolguy, I did not get pcc's yet. I'm researching on how to get them. I'll let you know once I find out. Please do the same if you get to know how. I just spoke to a friend of mine who did it before, but he got his pcc by doing an FP and submitting to it the local police station etc(in CA, http://www.dmv.ca.gov/vehindustry/ol/livescan.htm). But that doesn't help me as the FP is my problem to start with.
  5. eye140485

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    This page has very good info:
  6. santosh_bh

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    Police clearance certificate

    You need to go the local police station and they will take the fingerprints the old fashioned way (ink and paper). They will give you this sheet with the 10 or so prints. You will need to mail this along with a cover letter to the State police headquarters along with a return envelope and the certificate will be mailed to you in 2 - 3 weeks. This will need to be repeated for every state you lived in.
  7. eye140485

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    Wow...do you think I need to be physically present in all the cities that I lived? Or, can I use the finger prints taken at one police station and send it to all places?
  8. JesusIsMyLord

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    Thanks for sharing the experience. My spouse application is also pending at NBC for the interveiw. She has also had the problem of Fingerprinting twice as the FPs could not be processed.

    In the interview letter, Haven't they have asked to bring the PCC for the interview? if yes, That would have saved sometime and there are chances you would have got your PP stamped right there.

    I am wondering , can I go ahead and apply for the PCC even before interview? do you know how much does it cost? It is good to know that they are asking to get the PCC only from US. If it is from India as well, it would take a chunk of time.

    Please keep us updated. Thanks again. Good Luck.
  9. knowDOL

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    I am also joinging the interview club. I am primary and my 485 is approved in May 2007. My husband's case is transfereed to NBC for standard interview. We yet to get letter about the interview but online status is case transaferred to local office for interview.

    When we enquired in infopass the officer told that finger prints and name check is clear for m y spouse and we sent birth affidavicts and revenue office issued birth certificate. I am not sure why they would like to interview. My finger prints must be cleared as I received the GC. Probably all derivate males form India are being called for interview :(. I already left my GC sponsoring employer. Hope thats not a problem.

    Please share if primary also needs to be present at the interview. My PD is not current in December. I hope they will not look for PD for derivative anymore.
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  10. eye140485

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    No, the interview letter did not mention the specific reason they were calling for the interview. It mentioned about the general documentation. I think taking the PCC before hand will definitely help speed up the process. It typically costs about $15 to $30 and takes about 2 weeks.

    I would keep these things very handy for the interview:
    1. Interview notice
    2. Latest W2 and Tax returns
    3. EVL
    4. Birth Certificate (and Marriage certificate if applicable).
    5. I485 Notice
    6. All EADs
    7. All AP's
    8. All stamped FP notices
    9. I140 documentation
    10. Labor documentation
    11. Latest 2 pay stubs from current employer
    12. Reason for job change (if you used AC21)
  11. eye140485

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    Yes, primary should be present for the interview. Regarding the Birth Cert, they have instructions on what documentation is admissible based on the country. If India and DOB is after 01/01/1970 then they need either the Birth Certificate or a letter (from the appropriate gov authority) stating that the record of birth doesn't exist. I don't know if the PD matters anymore as yours is already approved.
  12. sVirgo

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    I asked my Mother to go to MCD office, MCD issues birth certificate as govt. affidavit. Usually they take more than a month, but my Mom requested them and got it in 15 days, as I had RFE for birth certificate earlier.

    Thank you!
  13. JesusIsMyLord

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    Hi eye,

    Can you please let me know how to apply for the Police clearance certificate in USA?

  14. sVirgo

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    I also did it for Canada. Call your local Sheriff office, take an appointment for fingerprints, they will ask the reason. That's it.

    Thank you!
  15. JesusIsMyLord

    JesusIsMyLord Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Svirgo. I will call them and get an appointment
  16. wassim

    wassim New Member

    yep thanks :D

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